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Instant dentist is your personal digital assistant enabling you to access professional assessment and tailored products from the comfort of your home. Your digital dental screenings and personalised reports enhance your oral care by supplementing physical dental visits when needed.

To get started simply complete your online dental consultation form to get matched to an approved dentist who will share your report and chat with you to clarify anything.

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2 easy ways to get started

Get informed about your dental health by optimising it between face to face appointments with your regular dentist to prevent future dental problems. Simply choose your one of the following online dental consultation to get started.


Dental Health Assessment

– Comprehensive digital assessment across 22 risk areas

– Understand your unique risk factors and needs

– Get impartial advice on preventive procedures and regimes to achieve optimal dental health


Specific Concern/
Emergency Assessment

– Detailed assessment of the concern you present

– Understand your options and get advice on x-rays and treatment plans you upload.

– Get impartial advice on products and regimes to resolve your concern and prevent future issues.


online dental consultation for recommended care regime

Get instant access to a dentist, 7 days a week and:

View your dental records through your secure account

Access and download your past dentist reports

Get referrals for special tests (OPG x-rays, intra oral scan)

Get prescriptions from a registered dentist (medication, custom medical devices, teeth whitening)

Order and receive the necessary recommended products and devices

Track your progress through photographic follow up consultations


Instant access to online dental consultation

All your dental records
saved on one platform

Conveniently access all of your reports and consultations through the Records tab, so you can track your dental health or review any past consultations.
This feature also allows you to upload any other dental records including x-rays and plans from your local dentist to keep everything in one place.

online dental care consultation

Professional recommended regime

Following your online dental consultation your digital dentist will outline and recommend a specific professional strength regime for you to follow at home to resolve your symptom or prevent future dental issues.

enamel regime recommended through online dental care

Enamel+ Regime

The 3-step Enamel+ regime is a professional remineralising treatment designed to repair enamel damage caused by acidic drinks, foods and harmful habits. Enamel+ effectively remineralises weakened enamel for a stronger and healthier smile.


thinning, chipped front teeth, yellowing rough weakened translucent enamel.

Expected results:

smoother and stronger teeth

desensitise regime recommended through online dental care

Desensitise Pro Regime

The 4-step Desensitise Pro regime is a professional desensitising treatment designed to reduce dental sensitivity caused by thinned enamel, exposed dentine and receding gums exposing sensitive tooth roots.


painful sensitive teeth triggered by cold, sweet or sour

Expected results:

reduced sensitivity

Gum Protect

The 30-day Gum Protect regime is designed to treat inflamed gums whilst protecting and improving gum health. With this treatment, you will reduce gingivitis & inflammation, whilst stimulating overall gum health.


inflamed gums, bad breath, bad taste, bleeding gums

Expected results:

reduced inflammation and bleeding,
fresher breath and healthier gums

periodontal disinfect regime recommended through online dental care

Periodontal Disinfect

The 30-day Periodontal Disinfect regime is an advanced treatment for gum disease and gingivitis. It is designed to reduce the amount of gum disease bacteria in your mouth and rejuvenate your gum health giving you fresher breath and a healthier smile.


gum disease, swollen gums, bad breath,bad taste, bleeding gums, painful gums

Expected results:

healthier gums, less bleeding, fresher

Who can benefit the most from using Instant Dentist

Working people
Parents and
People with
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Expats living
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isolated area

Your healthy smile starts here

Risk assessment across 22 data points

Personalised reports from expert digital dentists

Secure two way messaging to discuss your dental concerns

Recieve impartial treatment recommendations

At home regimes, custom devices and products delivered to your door

Fixed fee £20 per consultation


Register your interest ahead of the closed launch

Be the first to know and join the waiting list to receive an exclusive introductory offer.

Register your interest ahead of the closed launch

Be the first to know and join the waiting list to receive an exclusive introductory offer.

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