Dentistry beyond the drill

There is a lot you can do aside from brushing your teeth twice a day to lower the risk of developing dental problems. Stop second guessing and stressing after consulting Dr Google on your dental concerns!

Learn what can be professionally diagnosed and treated at home for early prevention and risk assessment through the secure Instant Dentist platform.

Symptoms / problem analysis that can be picked up
through a digital dental screening

Toothcahe [pulpitis] reversible / irreverse - analysis / management

Wisdom tooth problem - analysis / management

Fractured / Broken tooth - analysis / management

Lost filling - analysis / management

Wobbly teeth - analysis / management

Dental trauma - analysis / management

Post treatment eg. filling sensitivity, temporary crown - analysis / management

Abscess / infection - analysis / management

Bleeding gums - analysis / management

Bad breath causes - analysis / management

Children's teeth development - analysis / management

Teenage orthodontic development - analysis / management

Ulcers / sore spots - analysis / management

TMJ Problems - analysis / management

2nd opinions

Discuss your options and alternatives with an impartial dentist about a treatment plan you’ve received, wisdom teeth questions, cosmetic procedures and missing teeth solutions.

At home dentist second opinion

Complication management

Receive post treatment reviews and guidance from an expert dentist in the comfort of your home. Be in the know following a dental procedure; know if you need pain medication, what is normal and requires adapting or if a visit to your dentist is necessary

At home dentist complication management

Oral pathology monitoring

Get immediate reassurance and guidance from a dental professional who will assess your concern and use the Instant Dentist app to monitor soft tissue health through photographic tracking. Examples of concerns that can be screened at home are ulcers and suspicious lesions, swelling, loose denture rubbing in an area, side effects of a medication that caused gum swelling, fungus or again infections.

At home dentist oral pathology monitoring

Comprehensive dental health assessment

Your online dentist will evaluate your smile across 22 data points so you have a 360 view of your dental health.

The dental health evaluation covers:

Tooth decay


Gum disease / Bone Loss

Gum biotype

Gum recession

Tooth surface loss

Tooth & restoration screening

Function and bite screening

The cosmetic evaluation gives you insights into:

Smile width

Tooth colour

Enamel quality

Tooth shape

Tooth size

Orthodontic analysis

Advanced assessment with the Smart Dental Scope

Enhanced Tooth Decay analysis

Enhanced back tooth analysis

Enhanced crown / filling analysis

Enhanced ulcer analysis

Enhanced gum health analysis

Wisom tooth analysis

Special test referrals*

*Subject to territorial availability

X-ray - OPG / Cephalometric

Intra oral scan


Pain medication*

Medical Devices /
Custom Appliances

Oral hygiene products


Professional teeth whitening

*Discretion of dentist

Virtuoso Aligners

The New Revolution In Clear Aligners

The revolutionary aligner solution that gives you access to clear, removable aligners at a fair price. With the Virtuoso hybrid system you have full access to online and face to face support with the same trusted local dentist.

Find your nearest Virtuoso provider and complete a free online consultation to confirm if you’re suitable, completely obligation free.


If you had an accident that caused tooth loss, an infection or abscess with facial swelling it is very important for you to seek a physical dental appointment as soon as possible.

Your healthy smile starts here

Risk assessment across 22 data points

Personalised reports from expert digital dentists

Secure two way messaging to discuss your dental concerns

Recieve impartial treatment recommendations

At home regimes, custom devices and products delivered to your door

Fixed fee £20 per consultation


Register your interest ahead of the closed launch

Be the first to know and join the waiting list to receive an exclusive introductory offer.

Register your interest ahead of the closed launch

Be the first to know and join the waiting list to receive an exclusive introductory offer.

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