Teledentistry is awesome. Instant Dentist is better.

Dental wellness, what is it?

Dental wellness is an approach that is focused on achieving and maintaining your optimal dental health and best looking smile, based on early detection, preventive regimes and ongoing monitoring. This model promotes minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry which goal is to preserve your teeth and gum health structure throughout your life.

Instant Dentist is here to enhance your dental health, delivering digital screenings and prevention all year long, as a supplement to physical dental visits when needed.


Instant Dentist teledentistry platform

What sets our dentists apart

Our digital dentists are experts in the field of teledentistry, which means they are trained to read photos and videos for the maximum clinical information, allowing them to build comprehensive visual reports remotely. They have more experience in this field than the average dentist since they have diagnosed and managed more issues online than any other traditional dentist. With their combined experience our clinical team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to concerns that can be digitally diagnosed and remotely managed.

Trusted teledentistry platform

A teledentistry platform like no other

Our teledentistry platform was designed for maximum convenience and minimum friction. Without the need for an appointment and a video call, your assigned dentist fully focuses their time to assess your documents and dental history ahead of preparing your report.
Since all the communication is done in writing it eliminates the risk of misunderstandings or missed information from you and your dentist. You receive clear visual reports and can ask all your questions at your own speed when you want and your doctor can reply when they are available meaning you get more comprehensive answers quicker.

Unique teledentistry platform

6 reasons why Instant Dentist is a pioneering
platform in teledentistry:


No awkward video calls with a doctor or appointment required. Skip the waiting room and the waiting line to get asynchronous access to a qualified dentist through the app when you need and message back when you’re available.


High quality private care at a fraction of the clinic cost. Get the attention of a private dentist for less than an NHS check up.


Impartial, honest advice by dentists that are not financially motivated to suggest dental procedures.


Unique comprehensive assessment and reports assessing your dental health through a data driven approach.


Keep track of your dental history with all your records and previous consultations in one place.


Get the reassurance and products you need no matter where you are, even if you’re abroad, you can update your address at any point.

Providing teleconsultations since 2016

Did you know we have been at the forefront of dental innovation for half a decade? Yes we are part of the Uplift group, behind the success of the world’s first integrated teeth straightening app. Together with our cosmetic platform, Straight Teeth Direct, we are pushing the limits to improve dental health connectivity and habits and offer a safe alternative to traditional dentistry.

Your healthy smile starts here

Risk assessment across 22 data points

Personalised reports from expert digital dentists

Secure two way messaging to discuss your dental concerns

Recieve impartial treatment recommendations

At home regimes, custom devices and products delivered to your door

Fixed fee £20 per consultation


Register your interest ahead of the closed launch

Be the first to know and join the waiting list to receive an exclusive introductory offer.

Register your interest ahead of the closed launch

Be the first to know and join the waiting list to receive an exclusive introductory offer.

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