The first dentist you’ll
look forward to seeing.

Through easy and affordable access to private dental care, Instant Dentist is the first dental wellness platform that allows you to manage your dental health in a way you’ve never thought was possible. Prevention and diagnosis from an experienced digital dentist is just a click away.


Hassle free data driven teledentistry

Need a second opinion, quick dental checkup or have a problem you want reassurance on? Let one of our dentists review and analyse your concerns, and give you advice and peace of mind straight from your phone whenever, wherever you are.

Hassle free data driven teledentistry

Dental Health Assessment

- Comprehensive digital assessment across 22 risk areas

- Understand your uniquerisk factors and needs

- Get impartial advice on preventive procedures and regimes to achieve optimal dental health


Specific Concern/
Emergency Assessment

- Detailed assessment of the conccern you present

- Understand your options and get advice on x-rays and treatment plans you upload.

- Get impartial advice on products and regimes to resolve your concern and prevent future issues.

Get instant access to a dentist, 7 days a week and:

View your dental records through your secure account

Access and download your past dentist reports

Get referrals for special tests (OPG x-rays, intra oral scan)

Get prescriptions from a registered dentist (medication, custom medical devices, teeth whitening)

Order and receive the necessary recommended products and devices

Track your progress through photographic follow up consultations


The process

Online consultation with Instant Dentist™

1. Complete your online dental consultation questionnaire and share your teeth photos and videos

Trusted Instant Dentist™ professionals

2. Your consultation is assigned to an approved dentist who prepares your report and chats with you through the secure two way messaging platform for any clarifications

Dental care delivered by Instant Dentist™

3. Order and receive the recommended products and devices straight to your door

Why choose Instant Dentist?

Instant Dentist
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Get expert advice straight from your phone and the products you need direct to your door for a fraction of the clinic price.

Instant Dentist assistance
Instant Dentist experts
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Receive opinions from impartial dentists who are experts in their field. Their advice is friendly but straight-up. Your dental health is their number one priority.

Instant Dentist results
Innovative Instant Dentist
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Dental care needs to evolve so everyone can keep a healthy smile. We’re constantly finding new and affordable ways to put you in control of your Dental health.

Who can benefit the most from using Instant Dentist

Working people
Parents and
People with
People with
Expats living
People living in
isolated area

The one stop platform
for your dental health

With the innovative Instant Dentist platform you’ve got a dental expert in your pocket.

This friction free and convenient new way of approaching dental wellness is sure to provide you with lifelong dental health.


Register your interest ahead of the closed launch

Be the first to know and join the waiting list to receive an exclusive introductory offer.

Register your interest ahead of the closed launch

Be the first to know and join the waiting list to receive an exclusive introductory offer.

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