Your dental health
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Cost effective private dental advice and tailored at home treatments, in an instant.


What we do:

Want a tailored dental care regime that meets your specific needs without going to the dentist? Start with a detailed digital assessment that precisely analyses your teeth, gums and smile. Then get a personally recommended professional strength regime [prescription if required] designed by our team of expert dentists, all from the convenience of your home straight through our app.

What we do:

Need a second opinion, quick dental checkup or have a problem area you want reassurance on? Let one of our instant dentists review and analyse your concerns, and give you advice and peace of mind straight from your phone whenever, wherever you are.

What we do:

Grinding your teeth a bit too much or lost your retainer? Get custom made dental appliances straight to your door, just complete a simple initial assessment through the app and talk with one of our dentists first.

How to get started

Have a doubt or immediate question you want answered by a doctor?
For only £20 this is what you get:

Online consultation

Submit photos/video of your problem or overall mouth and answer some questions to receive an opinion on your specific concern or your 360 Smile Report.

Receive dental advice

A dentist will review your info, complete your assessment and recommend the right products to you.

Personal care to your door

Everything you need for healthy teeth and your ideal smile will be delivered to your door.

Why choose Instant Dentist?



Get expert advice straight from your phone and the products you need direct to your door for a fraction of the clinic price.



Receive opinions from impartial dentists who are experts in their field. Their advice is friendly but straight-up. Your dental health is their number one priority.



Dental care needs to evolve so everyone can keep a healthy smile. We’re constantly finding new and affordable ways to put you in control of your Dental health.

All you need for dental health and a winning smile.
delivered to your door at a fraction of the clinic cost.

The one stop platform
for your dental health

With our innovative app you’ve got a dental expert in your pocket.

Tailored advice and treatments for lifelong dental health – all at the click of a button.


Dental care reimagined

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Register your interest ahead of the closed launch

Be the first to know and join the waiting list to receive an exclusive introductory offer.

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