Power Teeth Whitening


Whiten and brighten your teeth safely and effectively while you sleep with the advanced 360 professional whitening kit.

Ideal for those that want the naturally whitest smile biologically possible. Designed to deliver results with reduced sensitivity thanks to its built in desensitiser and specially activated gel formulation. As soon as the active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide comes into contact with the tooth surface it starts to form oxygen free radicals (oxygen bubbles), that penetrate and clean the tooth enamel through tubules. The gentle formula allows for deep break-down of pigmentation within the tooth, resulting in whiter teeth and a beautifully bright smile.

The package includes all you need to get personalised custom sealed teeth whitening trays for use to ensure the best results possible. For optimal results avoid staining foods and drinks during your whitening regime.

To achieve visible and lasting results, the gel should be used for 7 up to 28 consecutive nights until the desired whiteness is attained. Your advanced whitening kit will come with 4 separate gel tubes. If after a couple of tubes you’re satisfied with the results you can save the other tubes for future top ups.


Available to purchase through the Instant Dentist™ app

Available following your digital consultation



Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Carbamide Peroxide, Carbopol, Peppermint oil, Trolamine, Sucralose.


Impression kit
Postage to and from you
Custom whitening trays
4 whitening gel tubes
Trays case

Hazards and Cautions

To be used on healthy teeth and gums. Pregnant and Nursing women are not advised to whiten their teeth.