Number Price
4 retainers £275
8 retainers £475

Maintain your straighter smile using custom made removable retainers that will cost you 50% less than the clinic price.
Every day the forces from your jaw muscles, lips, cheeks and tongue push on your teeth trying to move them out of position. Keep your teeth straight by using rigid resistant retainers to maintain your arch shape in place.
Old retainers can lose their rigidity meaning your teeth will move and can become unhygienic through bacterial contamination.
Includes digital model storage for 24months in case of reorder.

4 retainers (2 sets or 4 single arch) – Includes 1 retainer case
8 retainers (4 sets or 8 single arch) – Includes 2 retainer cases


Available to purchase through the Instant Dentist™ app

Available following your digital consultation



Impression kit
Postage to and from you
Custom retainers
Retainer case(s)