Smart Dental Scope


The Smart Dental Scope is a clinical-grade, wireless intraoral camera designed specifically to help you inspect and monitor hard-to-reach areas of your mouth without the need to physically visit your dentist. Immediately track concerns, prevent dental problems and treat existing oral health issues from the comfort of home instead of only visiting a dentist when pain arises.

Once paired with the Smart Dental Scope Assistant app (available for iOS), the high resolution camera tip equipped with bright LED lighting allows you to capture detailed photos and videos of teeth and gums. The integrated software then enables you to upload them to the Instant Dentist platform for professional assessment and advice by one of our expert digital dentists.

For the first time ever, detect dental health concerns in their earliest stage with clinical accuracy, reverse oral disease symptoms and receive professional support all from the comfort of home. This unique complementary measure alongside regular dentist appointments enables easy access to trusted dentists anywhere, anytime, keeping your smile healthy and strong.

The Smart Dental Scope is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable.

Device available for purchase through the Instant Dentist™ app.


Available to purchase through the Instant Dentist™ app



Smart Dental Scope
Charging cable
Non-dust cloth

Hazards and Cautions

Lithium battery